Pontecchio Elba Rosso D.O.C.


Production zone
The well-exposed vineyards located in “Pontecchio and Mola” are property of the farm and rented. They slope towards the lowland and are well-exposed in a south-south westerly direction, towards the margins and, in part, inside the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Poor, clayey, gravelly.

Used grapes
Average production of grape per hectare: 70 tons of grape. Wine yield 65%. Grape cultivation: Low spurred cordon. Planting pattern m 2.50 x 1.60 in couples: equal to 5,000 vines/hectare. Average yield per vine < 1.5 kg.

Production techniques
Vinification with average macerations from 8 to 10 dys. Following malolactic fermentation it is racked into a cement tank, where it remains for the winter. It is bottled in the spring following the harvest.

Organlopetic characteristics

  • Colour: ruby red, with hints of youth.
  • Fragrance: intense and heady.
  • Flavour: stiff, dry and slightly tannic, slightly aromatic.
  • Alcoholic content: 12,5% vol.
  • Recommended serving temperature: 18°-20°, if aged 20°-21°.
  • Recommended glass: Large glass, short-stemmed.

Characteristic Elban manor house still existing in Pontecchio and property of the Sapere family.

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